Automated Software Testing Training

Welcome to our automated software testing training programming courses.

This course automated software testing training is very helpful to understand the automation testing process and techniques to test the software or quality of software and functionality. Automation software testing consumes less time and is effective. This is the only reason why this type of testing is so popular nowadays. Online QA training is the quality assurance software and application testing institute that provides the best quality and highly effective automation software testing course. In this course, you will learn the basics of software testing and have complete and useful information about automated software testing as well as how to apply in the development life cycle.

We desire you find this course informative and useful, they are by no means exhaustive, but we hope to be valuable. We would love to hear from you if this material helps you with your testing journey. Automated Software Testing Training course will introduce you to the basic concepts and terminology associated with programming. This is a highly practical course. Throughout the session seminar, you will test various programs by means of different techniques. In the end, you will be able to choose the best testing strategies and aspects for different projects.

automated software testing training

What you learn in this course

We have created this training course to facilitate the training. We offer in the Automation in Testing namespace, but also to provide free high-quality resources to the testing and software development community. This training program will advance your career as an automation test engineer. You’ll learn the top skills demanded in the industry.

  • Overview of automation testing

  • Test plan, test strategy, test process customization

  • Software testing types

  • How to write test scripts

  • Boundary value analysis

  • Executing test

  • Managing defects

  • Prevention and discovery of defects

  • Metrics and measurement

  • Overview of various automation tools