ETL Testing Training

Learn about ETL testing in real-time with our professional’s experts practically.

ETL stands for extract, transform, load. ETL Testing Training course is created for both experienced and fresh candidates.  All topics include in its related to the foundation of data Warehouse with the concepts, dimensional modeling, and important aspects of dimensions, facts and slowly changing dimensions along with the ETL set up, database testing vs data warehouse testing, data warehouse workflow, and case study, data checks using SQL. The scope of BI testing and this course also includes so you will understand the steps to set up the environment with the most popular ETL tool Informatics to perform all the activities on your personal computer to get first-hand practical knowledge. This course is pretty much ideal for those testers who want to get a job in ETL testing. Fresh people are encouraged to enroll in this course, IT professionals with very basic knowledge of database concepts, and more.

ETL Testing offers deep understanding and business intelligence ideas through real-world examples. You will also gain the conceptual knowledge of ETL testing, Performance Tuning, cubes and etc. Via hands-on projects, and this will help you to become a successful ETL Testing expert. Our qualified team will provide you the best knowledge on the overview of ETL testing and its tools, data warehouse concepts, etc. with live experts. Learning the Online ETL Testing Training makes you a mastermind in this subject that mainly includes features of ETL testing, process, data verification techniques, etc.


What you learn in this course

ETL Testing Online Training will provide you a way to become certified in ETL Testing. So, join us for accepting new challenges and create the best solutions through ETL Testing Training.  Now learn ETL Course with basics and other advanced features that will make you an expert in the ETL Testing applications and tools to deal with. We want to provide the best ETL Testing Course for candidates. You will come to know how to use ETL tools to test the data to work in the real world. It will provide you various skills on how to get started with ETL Testing & also help you to stand in the market with the latest skills.

  • Overview of data warehouse
  • Various objects in dimensional modeling
  • Role and responsibilities of ETL testing professionals
  • Informatica Power Center
  • Data warehouse architectures
  • Data integration and ETL
  • Defect management
  • Dimensional modeling
  • Database testing
  • Categories of ETL testing