Manual Software Testing Training

This is another trending course which is name manual software testing training from us. Quality assurance is essential, need in today’s era of technology. Meeting the expected quality of any software or any services has become an essential factor for organizations. IT professionals can never reach the expected level of success without a strong foundation of software testing and software development concepts. So, that is the reason, we all need to learn and understand the basics of quality assurance and software testing before jumping into advanced automation. In this course, we provide hands-on and step by step approach to make it easier for IT professionals to master in manual software testing core concepts.

software testing training

What you learn in this course

  • Overview of Manual Software testing

  • Software Development Life Cycle

  • Continuing and finalizing SDLC

  • Analysis and gather requirement

  • Different types of testing

  • Software Testing Life Cycle

  • How to test plan?

  • Test Scenario and Test cases

  • Test case fundamentals

  • Documenting and reporting