Quality Analyst Testing Training

The purpose of this course QA testing training is to provide relevant information, procedures, tools and skills in order to set a path for genuine testing professionalism. This hands-on and theoretical course covers all essential knowledge of quality assurance with the help of our mentors who have many years of experience in their respective fields. Students will learn the process, tools, terminology and techniques of testing with real world examples for better understanding of quality assurance. This QA testing training course is very helpful for understanding what it takes to conduct and design and effective test of software by using industry leading tools and helpful testing techniques.

qa testing training

What you learn in this course

  • Overview of quality assurance

  • Fundamentals of testing

  • Types of testing

  • Requirement gathering

  • Analysis of client specification

  • Testing techniques

  • Planning and estimation of test

  • Test monitoring and control

  • Defect Management

  • Risk analysis

  • Uses of tools effectively