Selenium Automation Tester Training

This course selenium automation testing training is helpful for those people who want to become a master in automation testing using selenium and Java. The selenium automation tester tool has created a new revolution in the automation software testing industry. This is the other opportunity is that selenium is open source and free of cost. It is a very useful tool for automating our web-based application. Selenium supports Java, Ruby and other programming languages but Java is most commonly used in Selenium. It supports multiple browsers which includes Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and more. In this selenium automation testing training course, we can take a step by step approach for discussing all the basic till advanced level concepts of selenium so that anyone can understand the selenium easily.

automation testing training

What you learn in this course

  • Introduction to automation

  • Installing Eclipse

  • Selenium IDE

  • Introduction to selenium

  • Eclipse configuration

  • Selenium Webdriver coding

  • Final touches on webdriver codes

  • How to verify the automation results?

  • Selenium datadriven frameworks

  • Key things about the framework